Adult Colouring Books – Fun or Fad?

Is the craze for adults colouring in just another fad? I tried some out and was surprised by my conclusion.


The Soundtrack of Life

Music features in so many aspects of our lives. How easy would it be to write your soundtrack?


Some thoughts on how our friendships change throughout our lives – inspired by Friends Day.

Puppy Love

To buy a puppy or not? A big decision which needs careful thought. This post is what I’ve found since bringing my puppy home. Best thing is – puppy cuddles are amazing.

Here We Go Again

Referendums in 2014 and 2016 have divided this country like never before – please let’s heal those divisions, not create more with another referendum.

Be Confident

Confidence – can it be defined? What happens when you lose confidence in yourself, your own abilities and start to question everything? When faced with that situation – how do you get your confidence back?