Try To Keep It Civil Please

In the final run up to the General Election – keep the debate civil – please.


Let’s Finish The Debate This Time

Last Monday morning, I was thinking of ideas for the blog for the coming week – things that I could plan around the hashtag mondaymotivation. Whilst thinking, I heard the news that the SNP were calling for another Independence Referendum. None of us should really be surprised, they’ve been building up to this since the…

La La Land Indeed

Some days stories just write themselves. I had planed for this mornings blog to be a criticism of the expected anti Trump speeches from last nights Oscars and how these stars really do live in their own La La land. But those headlines have been wiped off the front pages and top news stories of…

The New Normal

My views on recent election results and resultant demonstrations – Brexit, US Election and Indepedence in Scotland. Accept the results and get on with life.

Here We Go Again

Referendums in 2014 and 2016 have divided this country like never before – please let’s heal those divisions, not create more with another referendum.