About Polly

Writing, when done well is very descriptive. Do you ever read something and can automatically picture the scene in your mind? For me, I try to do that with everything I read and when I can conjure up an image, I know something is well written, the words lift off the page and present an image to us.

I have loved books and the written word from an early age. My blog may or may not conjure images up to you but my little piece of the internet is an area to try and emulate the very best of the written word that I have so admired.

This blog is a diary, intended to offer reviews you may find useful and my thoughts on what is happening in our local and national community. There is no better way to start writing than by putting my own thoughts down and sharing them.

Whether or not the blog is useful or not is the verdict of you – the reader.

Enjoy and welcome to my diary. xxx