Make Time For Time

Time is precious and should never be wasted. It may sound clichéd to say “seize the day” “live each day like it’s your last”.  However, they are so true.  Modern life is extremely busy, we race around trying to fit so much into every day that we become stressed and frazzled just trying to keep up with ourselves.  How many times have you put off meeting up with people because you don’t think you have the time?  How many times have you put off starting a new hobby that you really want to take up but don’t think you have the time or are too tired at the end of the day to think about doing anything?

Indeed, my last blog post was quite some time ago because I didn’t dedicate the time I needed to write – I got bogged down and distracted by other things when really I wanted to write more.

As hard as it is  I am trying to both make time for myself and time for others.  People in our lives are important and spending time with them should be a priority, not and after-thought. Especially family – our parents won’t be here forever so time with them is hugely important.

Another cliché – work life balance also comes to mind but again is so true. We can’t perform at our best if we are exhausted so time to relax away from work is so important. It’s not just hours of working that is stressful – family life is being lived at an ever increasing pace with children needing driven to and from the various extra-curricular activities they are involved in as well as fitting in homework and studying.  The need to have a well-balanced range of clubs and activities is good and is fabulous experience in the long term but no wonder people look forward to an annual family vacation so much when they’ve been juggling trying to fit everything in.

My challenge to myself and anyone reading this is:

Slow down and spend time together here – it shouldn’t need a holiday or scheduled family time to do that – it should just be natural.

Make time for hobbies, for people and for yourself to relax – you won’t regret a slower pace

Time is  a commodity we all throw away but it is also the most precious gift we can give to others – make time to spend with the people you care about – it is a much better gift than something in a big box tied up in a bow.

Appreciate and enjoy simple everyday things – family dinners, dog walks and just time to sit and watch TV  – it’s sometimes ok to do nothing.

Most importantly – it is ok to say no.  Much of our time is taken up doing things that we don’t really want to do but feel we can’t say no to.

No one ever said at the end of their lives that they regret having had too much time on their hands – no one wants to regret the things they wanted to do but never quite found the time for.

What we should all remember is the belief that time is precious, short and we should never waste it.


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