Spend Less, Enjoy More

I have to admit – I am a bit of a shopaholic, so it is difficult to do but for now, I am giving up shopping in a bid to save more and use what I have.

I have treated shopping as a social event, something to spend time wandering alone or to meet up with friends to shop and maybe enjoy some lunch, a coffee or a glass of fizz. So why would I want to give that all up? Well, the social side will continue but for now, the spending is over.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not doing this because I suddenly feel guilty about having run up multiple debts that can’t be paid – there is no debt, I might shop a lot but I don’t spend what I don’t have. No – this plan is more about saving to plan for the future.

I have reached a point where I look at things and start to ask myself – do I need this.

I want to be able to look in my wardrobe and see at a glance what I have – not have to push things aside to see properly. ┬áThat is certainly not a good start to any morning when you are trying to get ready and out the door to work.

I have had multiple clear outs, with the local charity shop being the beneficiary of some new and nearly new items, some still with the tags on which have never been worn. The trouble is, I clear out, enjoy having the extra space in my wardrobe and drawers and then before long, the space is filled and I am back to square one. I can’t see what I have properly and I get frustrated and claim I have nothing to wear.

So, I am beginning an experiment, no more spending unless I need it. I am not beginning one of those journeys of not spending at all for a year – all practical and necessary expenses are allowed, including socialising – I’m sorting out my cupboards, not becoming a recluse.

I intend to use all the make-up and contents of my bathroom cupboard until they are done. No more, half empty bottles of moisturisers – I will buy them when I need them and not because the packaging looks good and the sales assistant was super friendly while assuring me the magic potion would take years off my face.

With clothes – I intend to have some fun mixing and matching items which previously I wouldn’t think about wearing together. There must be multiple new looks I can create with what I have already without thinking about buying more. Same applies to handbags and shoes.

My plan is – buy what I need, continue to have a social life and basically the end result will be to clear the clutter and be totally organised. Sounds good in theory.

So today’s blog is the start of a journey – a plan of 6 months for July 2017-December 2017 of only buying what I need. Will it be easy – no I know it won’t, especially once the shops are full of the new season stock come August. Christmas shopping is kind of exempt – I will still be buying presents, I just won’t be stocking up on even more lights and decorations at the same time.

I will share my highs and lows along the way but this shopaholic is replacing spending with saving.

Wish me luck.

Love Polly. xxx


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