Stories in a song

For me, something well written should enable the reader to picture the scene being described easily through the written word. It should also flow to make it easy to read and make sure the reader can envisage every scene. A reader shouldn’t have to go over sections of prose repeatedly to understand what is being said

I have some favourite go to authors who write in that style – Jenny Colgan, Sophie Kinsella, Cecelia Aherne, as well as my classic go to authors – Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters.

For me, it’s not just authors who are fabulous in writing in this way, Songwriters also do a unique job at enabling the listener to picture a scene. One of my favourite artists for that is Alan Jackson. So many of his songs I love because I can picture the scene in every son as I listen to the words. I can be immersed in another world, in exactly the same way I am with a good book.

In a song, is it the words alone that let us picture a scene or a combination of the words, the music and how it is delivered by the singer – is it their interpreatation which somehow comes across to us?

I mentioned Alan Jackson earlier and there are three songs of his which make me think that songs are each small short stories and equally as well written. The songs are:

  • The one you’re waiting on
  • Remember when
  • Where were you when the world stopped turning

All three are included in my list of favourite songs and with each one I can picture the scene being sung about.

My love of the written word began at a young age when I discovered books and I have been an avid reader since.  I have also been a massive country music fan for a number of years and although I have singled out some Alan Jackson songs here, it’s perhaps something the runs through country songs in general – they are each mini stories in their own way and maybe that’s why I am able to picture a scene listening to the words. It’s easy to get lost in country music because of that.

In the end – what is my point here? Well I think songwriters are equally as good at telling a story as an author is. Granted it might be shorter but an average album has 12 short stories to tell and share with the world and I, for one love listening to them throughout the day.

Love Polly. xxxx


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