Try To Keep It Civil Please

With a little over two weeks until the general election, all parties and their supporters are ramping up their efforts to secure our votes. One thing that has struck me though is the bitterness nad spitefulness I am hearing from some extreme left supporters. Recently I have heard the name Tory practically spat instead of spoken and people who take great joy in demeaning anything to do with our current government. I have written before that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, what I can’t stand is nastiness for the sake of it in an attempt to belittle anyone who doesn’t share their view of a socialist Britain.

The irony that continually strikes me is that the left promote the view of the nasty Tory party, yet at the same time are aggressive towards anyone who might not share their view. ┬áPeople should be able to say who they support without being shot down for holding true to their beliefs. To listen to some things I’ve heard lately, all conservatives are racist, extreme right wing and don’t care for anyone in society. In reality that couldn’t be further from the truth – perhaps they should read what true conservatism actually means.

It must be difficult to go through life carrying such a low opinion of anyone who doesnt agree with them and that all consuming miserable bitterness that results. I feel sorry for anyone with that low level of negativity about everything.

For a while a Conservative in Scotland was rarer than hen’s teeth but support is growing and hopefully will put an end to the view that Scotland won’t vote Tory spouted by the SNP. The second hope is that it will put an end to the talk of Indy Ref 2 once and for all – or at least for the generation they claimed the first time around.

The recent council elections show a swing of support to the Conservatives in Scotland that will, hopefully be reflected in the General Election results.  The Conservatives are the only party in a position in Scotland to put up any kind of fight to the SNP.

All I have written here are my views. They won’t be shared by all but this is my opinion. I would hope it is respected for that in the same way I would respect someone else’s opinion even if I don’t agree with it.

In these final weeks and days of campaigning, if someone speaks to you with their views from the opposite end of the spectrum, just agree to differ and leave the bitterness out of it. It is possible to debate civilly and accept and respect people’s views. Or maybe I’m just an optimistic idealist who can’t hate with the same passion I have seen and heard from others.

Love Polly. xxxx


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