Let’s Finish The Debate This Time

Last Monday morning, I was thinking of ideas for the blog for the coming week – things that I could plan around the hashtag mondaymotivation. Whilst thinking, I heard the news that the SNP were calling for another Independence Referendum. None of us should really be surprised, they’ve been building up to this since the result of the last referendum in 2014 and Brexit has given them the ideal opportunity to throw the country into greater turmoil. My thoughts on any kind of lifestyle blog were quickly dispelled as my emotions ranged from disbelief, to anger, resentment and even upset.

In the week since that press conference, I have thought about how a blog on this topic should be based. There has been much debate and the rhetoric is becoming nasty and out of hand very quickly. So what can I, an ordinary working Scot add to the debate?

What Kind Of Scotland Are We?

My overwhelming feeling after only one week of debate is that I am questioning whether I belong or am welcome in my own country. The Nationalists paint a picture to the rest of the world of a Scotland that does not represent me any more.

Nicola Sturgeon and the rest of the SNP keep claiming they are speaking for what Scotland wants. No – they do not – they speak for themselves and their supporters, they do not care about those of us who want to maintain the Union. We are just an annoyance in their way, thus far having prevented their dream of an independent Scotland.

I have read disturbing reports in the past week of English people who have lived in Scotland for a number of years, packing up and returning south as they no longer feel welcome. The SNP ask us to vote in a referendum which gives us a choice about the kind of country we want to be and that we are welcoming and inclusive. Sorry – we are not any more. How can we be when people don’t feel welcome because they are English. As a Union supporter, I don’t feel listened to or represented by our First Minister, who claims to speak for Scotland. If this is the road the country is going down, I don’t think I want to be part of it.

What Are My Options?

It’s easy to say , I don’t want to live in an independent Scotland and that I would move to England. In reality, that involves selling my home, finding a new job and deciding on an area to live which I will know nothing about. What the SNP are failing to grasp here or at worst, don’t care, is that they are having a massive impact on ordinary people’s lives who feel like their opinion no longer matters. The fact is, Scotland is a divided nation and has been since 2014 with friends and families who no longer speak as a result of extreme and hard line views. It is debateable when or if those divisions can ever be healed, they certainly won’t be healed with the thought of another referendum looming.

Only An Excuse

As I said at the beginning, Brexit has given the SNP the excuse they have been looking for since 2014 to call for another referendum. In her speech last Monday, Nicola Sturgeon said Scotland deserve this choice before they are taken over a “Hard Brexit cliff”.  It’s now the standard party line as every time an SNP MP or MSP is in front of a TV camera – it’s the same words.  The fact is, no one knows what deal we will get with Europe yet, It could be perfect for Scotland, in which case the SNP will latch onto something else they believe warrants another vote. It will never go away, there will always be another excuse, something they don’t agree with as a reason for another referendum. They just want to keep on voting until they get the result they want – democracy doesn’t work like that though.  This sole focus on independence is at the detriment to the economy and public services. While all this campaigning goes on, what is happening with our education, police and NHS to name three which aren’t in the best shape – get on with the day job you are paid to do and sort these things out instead of leading an independence crusade.

As for avoiding impact on our own lives, if it comes to it, I will seek to move. It saddens me and angers me but I don’t want to live in Nationalist Scotland and I want the English to know we aren’t all full of bitterness towards them and the Union.

Finish This Once and For All

My first reaction last week, was “please Theresa May – don’t give them the referendum, don’t let this happen. I now, however, think go ahead, give Scotland this vote and finish this once and for all one way or another. I, of course, hope it will be a no vote again but Scotland can’t keep going on having this question raise up every few years, which it will if the SNP don’t get this second chance. What we need is certainty and working together for the whole of the UK in this Brexit deal. Perhaps to achieve that, the Scotland questioned needs to be addressed. It should kill the debate for years this time. The constant calls for another vote prove that 2014 was only the beginning for the SNP.

My Own Future

In the end, I am responsible for my own future, the decision might be made for me by people I don’t agree with and if that happens, I will sort things out for myself and my family. After all, no politician can do that for me.

Let’s hope the contingency plans aren’t required but just in case – can anyone recommend somewhere nice to live in England, with reasonable house prices and good job prospects for a Scot who no longer feels at home in Scotland?

Love Polly. xxx


One Comment Add yours

  1. Steve says:

    I totally agree with everything you say. I’ll always be Scottish no matter if we’re part of the UK or not. It’s all gone mad and as soon as I can move to Sweden the better lol


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