Organise and Spend Less

It’s so easy to keep spending money on clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty products. It’s even easier to keep doing so with no organisation to wardrobes, cupboards and drawers.

By that I mean not knowing where the many items purchased are so we don’t know what we have and simply keep spending. I admit I love shopping and have often run out of space in my wardrobe. However, I am determined to stop and try to use what I have before purchasing any more. To do so, organising my wardrobe was number one priority. It’s not that it was untidy, in fact the opposite was true – it was all neatly organised. It’s just that there was so much it was hard to see what was all there – items all competing to be seen first thing in the morning.

Be Ruthless

The first rule of such a clear out is – be ruthless. Don’t keep anything that no longer fits in the hope that one day it will fit again – chances are it won’t and it is taking up valuable space.

Also get rid of things you never wear. If you are like me, you will have things that when you wear them, you feel a mess all day and wish you hadn’t bothered. You pick them out because they are there and haven’t seen the light of day for a while. Anything like that should go.

Don’t mix seasons

In winter, pack away summer clothes and vice versa. You aren’t going to wear them for a few months and it frees up space.


If possible, keep them in their boxes. They are easier to find and it protects them. This is where my OCD in organisation really kicks in. I take photos of them and put them on the outside of the box – it makes life so much easier when getting ready for work. Friends and family find it hilarious but it works – no more going through multiple boxes to find the shoes you want to wear and ensures you can see what you have.

It’s Not Just The Wardrobe

The next areas to focus on are the drawers and bathroom cupboards. Again,drawers should be organised like the wardrobe. Get rid of anything that doens’t fit or no longer worn. As for the bathroom – are you really going to use that half empty bottle of body lotion that you don’t really like the smell of? The answer is likely no – so bin that or use up what you can.


The best part about organising all this stuff? It’s therapeutic to spend a day getting it all out, going through it like and organising into what will be kept, what will go and what can be put away for a season. The end result is knowing what you have as everything is neatly organised and you can see what you have. It is not only therapeutic to do but also leads to a calmer start to they day without staring at a cluttered wardrobe where everything is squashed in, making it easier to get dressed each day. This  whole organisation whing doesn’t mean you never shop again – it makes purchases more meaningful and cuts own senseless spending on things almost identical to something you forgot you already had (or is that just me!!)

Give it a go – I guarantee you will feel better for it.

Love Polly.  xxx


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