La La Land Indeed

Some days stories just write themselves.

I had planed for this mornings blog to be a criticism of the expected anti Trump speeches from last nights Oscars and how these stars really do live in their own La La land.

But those headlines have been wiped off the front pages and top news stories of every media outlet this morning and overlooked in favour of the best picture award fiasco.

It must be devastating for some who planned what to say on the Oscars stage in advance to have it overshadowed in the way it was.

It’s rather refreshing though to be discussing the awards themselves and not the political views of the stars. In my blog The New Normal I touched on how it has become acceptable for those who don’t agree with a result of an election to abuse and insult those whose opinion won.

The stars who have used their acceptance speeches in recent awards shows as a platform to fuel that debate further annoy me severely. Who do they think they are?

They can act, yes and they have an opinion, which they are entitled to the same as anyone else but they don’t live in the real world – they live a privileged lifestyle which I am sure they are grateful for and enjoy but don’t then ram your thoughts down the throat of those who pay for the lifestyle you enjoy. Many voters of Donald Trump would have paid to watch these stars movies over the years and as such contributed to the lifestyle they lead. Yet they feel it’s acceptable to stand on a stage or in front of a camera or tweet their views as if the voters who won the election don’t actually count any more.

Opinions are one thing and as I said in The New Normal, we are all entitled to them, however, I don’t believe the stage of an awards show to be the platform to air those views with the world. The most common sense I have heard from any of them over the weekend was an interview with the actor Andrew Garfield who stated he didn’t agree with this culture. Well that makes his next film one of the top of my must see movies.

Yes people will go and see the others films regardless of what they say but there will be some who will start to boycott them as a result and who can actually blame them – standing up to graciously accept an award for hard work on a film should be a gracious acceptance speech not an open invitation to insult anyone whose opinion differs from theirs.

I for one am glad the news isn’t talking about the anti Trump  speeches this morning.

Please celebrities – get back go to the job of entertaining us and leave the political speeches where they belong – in political debates and not on the awards stage.

Love Polly. xxx


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