Adult Colouring Books – Fun or Fad?

I started 2017 with a wish to take more time out On activities which were fun or contributed to some relaxation time. To that end I have been focusing more on doing some of the things I love such as baking and walking my dog. Although the lovely Scottish weather at this time of the year doesn’t always make that fun or relaxed!!

Over the last few weeks I have been getting into a craze which seems to really have taken off – Adult Colouring Books.

I have always been creative and arty and had a particular love of drawing when I was younger. However, I’ve not had much time to focus on that in recent years and haven’t done any serious drawing in what is probably over ten years. The last time I put pencil to paper was for cartoon images for my niece and nephew’s bedrooms when they were babies. They are now teenagers so it really has been a while.

I find the whole creative process a great form of relaxation and let’s face it, in the busy craziness of everyday life, who wouldn’t want some relaxation time? So I decided to give colouring in a try.

Having browsed the selection in my local WHSmith store, I was surprised by the vast selection of topics. Flowers, wildlife, Christmas, films, TV and novels to name a few. I chose two books which reflect my interests – Vogue and I Love Baking and Colouring.

What I have found since I started is that colouring books are an ideal way for someone to get back to being creative with little fuss or outlay. I admit, I was a little cynical when this craze first took off – how could colouring books be a source of relaxation? However, I am eating my words and I am hooked. Anything which lets you switch off for even half an hour is an ideal way to wind down.

I have started this year determined to write more and build a following for my blog. Combining that with a busy full time job can be a juggling act and takes lots of planning so I also want some time to chill out and relax too and I am finding colouring a great way to do that.

Life is stressful for many people, juggling work and family life so taking some time for a hobby of any kind and switching off the gadgets at the same time is perfect. I don’t mean everyone should run out for a colouring book and pencils. Rather, I mean – what makes you happy and relaxed? Find the answer to that and then find a way to build it into a busy schedule. That’s not always easy to do but we all need to do more of what makes us happy. That could be a walk in the park with family or a pet or sitting for half an hour to read a book or a magazine, cook a favourite meal or do some baking or just curl up and watch a favourite film or TV programme.

I have put off doing things which I though would take too much time and how could I possibly fit that into my day. I’m happy I am doing more of the things I love and spending less time on gadgets.

What would you do to relax and fit into your schedule? Find the answer to that and make time for it – you won’t regret it.

So badk to my original question – Colouring Books – Fun or Fad?  Definitely fun for me.


Love Polly.  xxx


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  1. Steve says:

    I used to love colouring in and dot to dots. I’m not sure if I have the same patience for it that I used to would have.


    1. I thought that too – but once I got started I’m finding it a great way to switch off from all my gadgets.

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