It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The John Lewis Christmas advert has been aired, the Coca Cola Christmas trick is on tour, shops are playing Christmas tunes and Christmas jumpers are on display – something tells me Christmas is just around the corner.

I love Christmas. I am a self confessed Christmas addict, I can’t get enough of all the planning for the festivities. From the first play of Christmas songs to the viewing of traditional Christmas films, I will be in my element from now until the day arrives. Perhaps it is the memories of fabulous childhood ┬áChristmases which make me still get excited about it all but I confess when it comes to Christmas, I am the big kid who will never grow up.

I am the type of person who by now has most or all of the presents bought, leaving the next few weeks free to focus on the Christmas trimmings. This year I am attempting to make my own Christmas wreath. I will follow up on that in a future post on the success or failure of it and promise pictures even if it is a disaster.

Another favourite planning even for me is the food and I don’t just mean Christmas dinner. I am a baker, so for me, cake decorating is just as important as all the other activities going on. I am planning an afternoon tea for some family and friends on Christmas Eve this year so I am really looking forward to the preparation for that. I also like a nicely decorated table for such an event and have picked up some fabulous napkins from Sainsbury’s already which are shaped as Santa.

If you have seen my earlier post titled Puppy Love you will know I have a new puppy in the house. This will be a new experience this year for me – my plans for usual decorations and wrapping might just be thrown into disarray as my puppy might ┬ájust want to eat the presents and the tree. It will be fun though to see how curious he will be when the tree goes up. He is inquisitive with everything so I am sure this will be yet another adventure for him.

As a Christmas lover I am sure that will be a main topic of my blog over the next month and I apologise in advance to any bah humbug followers. I will keep you posted on the wreath making and the baking and share lots of ideas on these.

Until the next Christmas blog, remember It Is A Wonderful Life and Miracles can happen – but only on 34th Street.


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