Be Confident

Confidence can be a strange thing, particularly in a work environment. Do you ever look at people and think they are a success and wonder how they manage to exude confidence all the time? It can be in the way a person speaks, acts or even in the way they walk into a room.

However, there is a fine line between cocky arrogance and confident assertiveness. How do you strike that balance? There are also different levels of confidence. Some people are openly confident while others quietly go about their work, safe in the knowledge they are doing a good job and results achieved will prove that.

Displaying confident characteristics is much easier to do when you are well prepared and in possession of knowledgeable fact. For example, a presentation, thoroughly researched, with the ability to get the content across and answer questions immediately without appearing to search for answers.

How do you keep displaying confidence when the work environment changes and things start to go wrong?

A number of factors can contribute to a general feeling of unhappiness in the workplace. Conflicts with colleagues and bosses; cliques forming who have one view of how an organisation should operate and aren’t willing to change; a battle to get things done with little or no back-up. Even the most confident person would struggle to keep their demeanour in the face so much negativity.

It can be slow at first, you start to feel demotivated, unhappy and then start to doubt what ordinarily you would confidently believe to be right. Questioning what you once strongly believed to be true is the beginning of the end.

Not the absolute end of everything but rather the realisation that it is time to move on. Question is though – how do you move on when your confidence is at an all time low and you are questioning whether you can still do the job you once did very well.

A dip in confidence and negativity can easily come across in an interview situation. How do you get that back?

One way is to look at why things haven’t worked out. Could you have done anything differently? Did anyone listen to the changes you recommended? What were the barriers? If you can confidently say you tried all avenues to create change, then admit it’s not the place to beans move on with your head held high.

That’s not to say that arrogance should play any part – it’s simply admitting you are in the wrong place and it’s time to move on.

In doing so, and knowing you are taking steps to resolve the situation should bring back happiness and boost confidence again. The only way to fix a negative situation is to find a way to turn it into a positive.

Making lists of pros and cons is a great way to identify the root cause of a problem, the solution and want can be learned from the situation and only then can you get your confidence back .





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