Make Time For Time

We get so busy with life we forget to take a step back, breathe and enjoy it.

I Love Music City

I recently got the chance to visit Nashville. A place I’ve always wanted to see. This post is from me as a very excited fan.

Spend Less, Enjoy More

By spending less, clearing the clutter out of life – can we enjoy more? Time for this self confessed shopaholic to find out.

Stories in a song

For me, something well written should enable the reader to picture the scene being described easily through the written word. It should also flow to make it easy to read and make sure the reader can envisage every scene. A reader shouldn’t have to go over sections of prose repeatedly to understand what is being…

Organise and Spend Less

It’s so easy to keep spending money on clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty products. It’s even easier to keep doing so with no organisation to wardrobes, cupboards and drawers. By that I mean not knowing where the many items purchased are so we don’t know what we have and simply keep spending. I admit I…

Hearts and Flowers

A Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide – some inspiration for those last minute gifts.

The Soundtrack of Life

Music features in so many aspects of our lives. How easy would it be to write your soundtrack?